4 Best Solar Barn Lights in 2023

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Solar barn lights are becoming more and more popular with modern technology and great benefits. These lights don’t require to be plugged in and have no impact on your electricity bill. Solar lights are a cost-effective alternative to your indoor and outdoor lighting. You just need to spend on them one time and they will illuminate your outdoor areas for free.

A barn light is a downward-facing fixture with an arm or pendant. Historically barn lights have been designed as rustic fixtures. In modern times the barn light is designed with functionality and aesthetics. You can give a farmhouse look to your outdoors by using solar barn lights.

Today I will tell you the 4 best solar barn lights to buy in 2023.

Benefits of Solar Barn Lights

Cost savings on electricity bills: Solar barn lights are a cost-effective solution to your outdoor lighting. They don’t require to be plugged in and save you on your electricity bill. Solar barn lights utilize the sunlight to illuminate your indoors and outdoors.

Easy installation and maintenance: Solar barn lights are easy to install and maintain. If you want to illuminate your outdoors then you will need to install new wiring but in the case of solar lights, you don’t need to do new wiring. You can place them in sunlight yourself.

Environmentally friendly option: Solar barns are environmentally friendly compared to normal lights. They don’t require electricity produced by burning fossil fuels.

Best Solar Barn Lights

1. Aqonsie Solar Barn Light

Aqonsie solar barn light lights come as a pack of two. You can also buy 1 separately. It has an attractive rustic vintage look and is suitable for a shed, chicken coop, entryways, patios, garage, backyard, and garden. It is made from aluminum alloy metal + PC and gives an attractive rustic vintage look. It has an IP65 rating and is waterproof and heat resistant.

The Aqonsie Solar Barn light uses a motion sensor and has three working modes. 1 Dim to bright: In this mode, it illuminates dim and will get bright when it detects motion. 2 Off to bright: In this mode, it illuminates brightly from off state when detecting motion. 3 Constant light: In this mode, it runs constantly at night without motion detection.

It has a panel attached to the top of it and a lithium-ion battery. The light will charge in sunlight and illuminate at night. 

2. APONUO Solar Barn Light

It is a rustic matt black solar barn light with a classic farmhouse style and stylish bulb. It can give both a modern and vintage look. The Aponuo solar barn light uses motion sensor and has three modes. Off to bright on motion, dim to bright on motion, and constant dim illumination without motion.

The light uses a 2000 mah lithium-ion battery. It can illuminate for whole light using a motion sensor. Aponuo solar barn light is quick and easy to assemble. It can be placed on doorways, chicken coops, sheds, garages, backyards, patios, etc.

The barn light features an ABS shade and a wall plate with a metal gooseneck. The light includes all necessary hardware and is quick and easy to assemble.

3. XIFEINIU Solar Barn Light

XIFEINIU solar barn light comes as a pack of two lights. It is made from high-quality metal and is coated with polycarbonate to protect it from rust. It is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. The light has a dusk-to-dawn sensor. It turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn making it a hassle-free option. Each light has 5 small solar panels with enough battery backup.

The fixtures are hung on rods in gooseneck style. You can easily remove the light from the hook and hang it wherever you want. You can enhance the look of your house by placing them on entryways, backyard, shed, porch, garage, and chicken coop.

4. Gama Sonic GS-122 Solar Barn Light

Gama Sonic GS-122 is a gooseneck-style wall-mount solar barn light. It is made from a weather-resistant cast aluminum frame in a matt black finish and its glass dome has an attractive bubbled appearance. It is a solar-operated light and has a dusk-to-dawn sensor. It turns on auto at night and turns off in the morning. This solar light has 6 LEDs that shine bright white light at 120 lumens.

The light comes with an external mono-crystalline solar panel that is protected by durable tempered glass. The solar panels can be placed 8 feet away from the fixture for sun exposure. The light uses lithium-ion batteries and can last up to 10 hours on a full charge.

It is a good option when you want to shift from traditional lights and buy solar barn lights.

Solar Barn Lights vs. Traditional Barn Lights

Solar barn lights are a great alternative to traditional barn lights. Solar lights are more cost-effective and eco-friendly than traditional lights. Here are some of the differences between both lights.

Initial Investment: Traditional lights have a low cost compared to solar lights because solar lights have the cost of solar panels, batter,ies, and LEDs.

Running Cost: Traditional lights have expensive electricity costs and solar barn lights use free solar energy and the initial cost is recovered.

Safety: Traditional barn lights have low safety and involve wires and there is a risk of accidents. On the other hand, solar barn lights have no wires and can be installed almost anywhere.

Environment Impact: Traditional barn lights use electricity that is usually produced by burning fossil fuels. While solar barn lights are environment friendly and use free solar energy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Barn Lights

Before buying solar barn lights consider these factors to buy the best lights according to your needs and make an informed decision.

Brightness and lumens: Consider the brightness of solar barn lights. Brightness is measured in lumens. The higher number means more brightness and the smaller number mean low brightness. Buy solar lights according to your brightness needs.

Battery capacity and performance: Check battery capacity, charging time, and operations time. Battery capacity is measured in mah. Usually, it is around 1500 to 5000 MAH. Use lithium batteries that are better than other batteries. Check how much time the lights take to fully charge and how much time they work.

Lighting modes and features: Consider lighting modes and additional features. Usually, solar lights have three modes. Low mode with dim light with more battery life, medium mode with adequate light and normal battery life, and high mode with brightest light and low battery life. Solar lights may have additional features like a motion sensor, timer, dusk-to-dawn sensor, and battery indicator.

Durability and weather resistance: Solar barn lights are mostly used outdoors and face harsh weather. These need to be durable and weather resistant to withstand water, rust heat, and cold. Check their IP rating and their material.

Mounting options and adjustability: Consider their mounting options and adjustability. Solar barn lights can be mounted on walls above the doorways, on poles, patios, and corridors. Check the adjustability options of the light and its solar panel.

Maintenance Tips for Solar Barn Lights

Solar barn lights are a good alternative to traditional barn lights. Solar barn lights have a long life but with these maintenance tips, you can increase their life expectancy.

Regular cleaning of solar panels and light fixtures: Clean solar light panels frequently. Dirt and debris block the sunlight from hitting the panel surface which decreases their efficiency. You can increase the efficiency of solar panels by cleaning them frequently. Clean the light fixtures and remove dirt from their surface, it will make them brighter.

Checking and replacing batteries when needed: Solar light batteries are one of the main parts of solar lights. These require frequent checking and maintenance. Check for corrosion and clean the batteries. If your solar lights are not working as long as they use to then your batteries might have worn out. In this case, change the batteries.

Inspecting for any damage or wear: Inspect solar barn lights for any damage like wear and rusk. Fix the rusk by spraying and fix other damages.

Storing solar barn lights during extreme weather: To increase the life expectancy of solar barn lights store them at safe place during extreme weather.

Tip: If you are planning to go on vacation or do not intend to use your solar light for a long period then remove their batteries and store them. This will protect the solar light and batteries from damage.

Conclusion for the Best Solar Barn Lights

In conclusion, solar barn lights offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for outdoor lighting. They eliminate the need for electricity and have easy installation and maintenance. Many solar barn light options are available, including the Gama Sonic GS-122, XIFEINIU Solar Barn Light, Aqonsie Solar Barn Light, and APONUO Solar Barn Light, each with unique features and designs to suit different preferences.

When choosing solar barn lights, consider factors such as brightness, battery capacity, lighting modes, durability, and mounting options. Regular cleaning of solar panels and fixtures, checking and replacing batteries when needed, and storing lights during extreme weather can help prolong their lifespan. By harnessing the power of the sun, solar barn lights provide efficient and reliable illumination for your outdoor spaces.

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